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Moonshot marketing is a group of professional online marketers and financial experts who share a vision of improving the financial wellness of individuals and business owners. We have been building and growing various online comparison websites that help our readers make financial decisions with confidence.

In 2022 Moonshot acquired and transformed it into a financial portal in order to be a part of and to significantly empower the quiet revolution of morphing the internet into a more authentic and trustworthy source of information.

In addition to providing a simple, convenient and trustworthy centralized hub to research legitimate financial products, the acquisition of Finimpact is also to provide authentic, clear, factually, simple and professional information that the general public can use in their everyday lives and leverage (Influence) to their advantage. was created to assist you in comparing financial products, researching your options, and matching you with the most advantageous service providers out there.

Our commitment to this quiet revolution is demonstrated by the process by which we produce each of our articles. Each of them goes through five stages before it is ready for publication.

Article Outline: The subject matter is scrupulously researched for relevance, thoroughness and practicality. Our editor proof reads the outline to make sure it is in accordance with our principles and ideals.

Article Creation: The outline is sent to one of our editorial writers all of whom have many years experience in writing for and about the financial world. Our editor once again proofreads the written article for clarity, ease of understandability, tonality and practicality.

Article Fact Checking: The article is then sent to one of our qualified professionals who scrupulously goes through the article checking for factual inconsistencies, relevance and amending time relevant facts.

Each individual, fact checking the articles, have either a university degree in finance, a PHD or an official government certification CFA, CMA etc. The article is then proof read again by our editor who makes any corrections and amendments that are needed.

Article Review: The article is then sent for review by equally qualified professionals who check for logical progression, redundant wordage and significantly, to make sure that information can be simply understood and not presented in the language of corporate jargon.

Ethical Guidelines:

In addition to following our unwavering intent for
authentic, clear, factually, simple and professional information that the general public can use in their everyday lives we also aspire to the principles of proper conduct as defined by the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing.
In addition our editorials are rigidly guided by the ethics outlined by the SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists):

  • Take responsibility for the accuracy of their work. 
  • Verify information before releasing it. 
  • Use original sources whenever possible.
  • Remember that neither speed nor format excuses inaccuracy
  • Provide access to source material when it is relevant and appropriate.

We also rigorously apply the principles of The Applicability of FTC Law to Online Advertising from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines on disclosures.
At FinImpact we are committed to providing information for our readers that can be utilized in a practical manner to benefit their everyday life and the lives of those around them. 

However, it should be noted that being prudent and responsible in financial endeavors requires a responsibility of the reader that they have understood the information correctly and therefore taking advice about potential financial decisions from a qualified financial expert is strongly advised and forth rightly recommended. 

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Our Values

Your Trusted Source
Our values

Collaboration with the financial industry's most trusted brands
CollaborationWe work with the industry's most trusted brands, sorting out all the wheat from the chaff
TransparencyWe will immediately remove any brands that do not fit our strict standards
TrustOur editors and reviewers are experts in their respective fields, ensuring you can count on our findings
IntegrityWe uphold the same standards for every project, only working with respected brands

We Make Your Decisions Easier

Compare loan providers
CompareNo need to waste time comparison dozens of brands when we've already done the heavy lifting
ReviewWe go in-depth, down to the details in order to help you to make an informed decision
DecideOur strict comparison and review processes saves you both time and money

Our Panel of Financial Experts

The right tools wielded by the right people to make anything possible. From year to year we strive to invent the most innovative technology produced by our creative people

Thomas J. Brock
Thomas J. Brock
Written by:Thomas J. Brock
Investment Management and Finance Professional

Accounting, Corporate Finance, Debt, Economics, Financial Planning, General Business, Insurance - Life Insurance, Insurance

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Jason Steel
Jason Steel
Written by:Dr. JeFreda R. Brown
DBA, CFEI, and a highly respected expert in personal and business finance

Corporate Finance, Financial Planning, Investing, Personal Finance, Technical Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Program Management, Project Management, Financial Literacy, Accounting

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Somer G. Anderson
Somer G. Anderson
Written by:Somer G. Anderson
Accounting and Finance Professor

Assistant Professor of Accounting in the John E. Simon School of Business at Maryville University

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Chip Stapleton
Chip Stapleton
Written by:Chip Stapleton
Finance Manager

Corporate Finance, Financial Planning, Life Insurance, Investing, Technical Analysis

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Written by:Dahna Chandler
Award-Winning B2B Journalist and Brand Storyteller

Institutional Finance, Wealth Management Firm Operations & Business Development Specialist

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