Making Sure You Trust Our Reviews and We Maintain Our Credibility

Finimpact aims to provide 100% unbiased reviews and employs a team of expert writers to give extensive, comprehensive coverage of all popular lenders. All brands receive the same scrutiny as per our process, and the reviews are put together following deep research. We’re aware that our readers rely on our analysis to make decisions and, effectively, spend money, so while we ask people to do their own research alongside our own, we take this seriously. 

How Does it Work?

Our writers provide all kinds of coverage, whether it’s in-depth reviews on leading lenders or news pieces highlighting what’s going on in the industry. As our reader, you’re welcome to contact us and suggest content you’d like to hear our take on as well as any brands you’d like to see us review. We monitor the reception of all that we post on our website in order to make sure you’re enjoying it. Let us know how you feel about it - we operate on an open-comment policy, we just ask that you keep comments respectful and constructive.

What Do Our Affiliation Relationships Mean?

Whenever we produce a review or an article that features brands, we’ll include all the information you need to know in order to make a fair decision of your own. You’ll see that links relating to these brands will be included, also; that way, you have the convenience of getting the information you need to do your own research. However, for full transparency, each time a link is clicked, and if a booking, purchase, or order is made, this referral will be tracked and we’ll receive a commission based on this. 

The writers on our team don’t directly benefit from this affiliate relationship so you shouldn’t expect any less impartiality from us. The Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines mean that we must always give honest opinions in the content we provide regardless of affiliations, ensuring that our readers, should they make purchases, do so with genuine, fact-based information. You can find more information surrounding our compensation process below.

Compensation Disclosure

For full transparency between this site and our readers, we’re obliged to make you aware of the relationships we have and the compensation we receive from product owners and services. We always encourage our readers to do their own research alongside our reviews as a result. 

1. Material Connection

Many of the products and/or services featured on this website are present because of the relationship our site owner has with certain product owners. However, the reviews we write are done so to give a comprehensive look at products and services, and highlight any shortcomings and possible rooms for improvement, regardless of compensation. 

Most mentions of a product or service on this website are made because a relationship between the two parties exists already. It should be understood that any recommendation from this website for a product or service has been made in good faith. As mentioned above, this is usually because the person writing the review has tested the product or themselves. If a website makes a recommendation of such a product, it should be assumed that there is-material affiliation between the two parties.

2. Product/Service Partiality And Fairness

It’s always our priority to provide the most impartial, honest, and informed reviews of the lenders featured on our website. That being said, for full transparency, due to affiliations between both product and website owner, the general tone of some reviews may be positive, with a commission and financial reward being exchanged as a result. 

3. Compensation for reviews

Affiliate links, as well as brand features, are just some of the ways that the owner of this site may be compensated in the form of money or services. Any purchases made through our suggestions may see the site owner be rewarded, so please be aware of this relationship before you take advantage of our recommendations.

4. Compensation Disclosure Statement

While the owner of this site may receive compensation as a result of relationships with affiliates, our reviews of the products and services on this site are impartial and written by a team of unbiased experts on small business lending. If you’d like to learn more about our compensation disclosure statement or have any other questions, you can contact us or read our privacy policy.