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Patriot Accounting Software Review – Pricing & More (2022)

The Patriot Accounting software is recommended for micro and small businesses that need the flexibility to handle invoices and manage payments while keeping close track of the money flowing in and out of the business.

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Excellent customer support
Excellent customer support
Next day processing
Next day processing
Simple ordering process
Simple ordering process
Very affordable
Very affordable
Daniel Lewis
Written by:Daniel Lewis
MBA accredited investment professional

Here I’ll talk at length about Patriot Accounting software, an all-inclusive accounting platform for small businesses. This software service has a simplified setup process and effortless operation and has two pricing plans with different features.

Patriot accounting software’s basic plan includes the following features:

  • Unlimited payments to vendors
  • Payroll integration
  • Automatic import of bank transactions
  • Tracking expenses and income
  • Creating/tracking unlimited customers and invoices
  • Keeping records of payments
  • Creating and printing 1099s and 1096s
  • Mobile-friendly platform
  • Free Expert Support

The Patriot accounting premium payment plan offers even more features that can help you run a successful business. However, here I’ll take a closer look at all the features that make Patriot Accounting a premium option and cover all the upsides and downsides of this software. Read on to learn about the features, pricing plans, user experience, and customer service of the Patriot Accounting software.

Excellent setup process
Affordable pricing plans
Amazing customer support
Flexibility and good features
Scalable features
Great user-experience
Patriot Payroll and Accounting are separate plans, though they support integration
Not suitable for international companies
Editor’s Note: After considering all the features, I can freely conclude that Patriot is all-inclusive accounting software for small businesses. It lives up to the all-in-one business accounting software it promises to be. Of course, you can note its initial mission of making its solutions fast, simple and affordable for small businesses.

Patriot Software – What Is It?

Patriot Accounting software strives to be a complete accounting software solution for small businesses. This full-service software provides features that are tailored to the needs of small businesses. The Patriot payroll service that many small businesses often struggle with can be integrated into the accounting software, and users get all the essential functions required for a successful venture.

  • Invoices
  • Profit & Loss Statements
  • Account Trial Balances
  • General Ledger
  • Balance Sheet

From the bulk features outlined here, you can notice that Patriot offers complete accounting services for small businesses. However, the services depend on the pricing plan you select. The complete software has a simple and straightforward installation and setup. It includes tracking income and expenses, accepting credit card payments, and creating and tracking unlimited invoices. The Patriot software also includes creating and printing of 1099s and 1096s, optional 1099 e-filing, and more.

Patriot Accounting Features

When researching the Patriot Accounting software, I noted all the different features and functionalities that need coverage. Here is a list of them with essential explanations:

  • Easy start with balances
  • Bank transaction rules
  • Drill-down financial reporting
  • Patriot smart suggestion
  • Cash-to-accrual toggle
  • Import bank transaction

In the Patriot Accounting software, you will find the invoices feature that allows you to manage all key invoice details and keep track of the status of an invoice. Keep track of all the business financials with the profit & loss statement; keep track of your account balances and stay on top of assets and expenses. I’ve found that all the Patriot features are created to help small business owner run their business.

Here I need to note that some of the Patriot Accounting software’s features are customizable, and you can create custom invoice templates and have invoice payment reminders. However, the Patriot Accounting and Patriot Payroll services are separate sections offered by Patriot. These two platforms are fully compatible and can be integrated: you would like to have everything under one roof as a small business owner.

Patriot Pricing Plans

The Patriot Accounting software offers two pricing plans: Basic and Premium. The Patriot Accounting Basic plan comes with a price tag of $15/month, and it offers basic tracking of the money that goes in and out of your business. The Basic plan is more suitable for tiny businesses that need to keep track of invoices and make payments to vendors.

The Patriot Accounting Premium plan has all the Basic plan features, with additional features like account reconciliation, recurring invoices, invoice payment reminders, and more, and it will cost you $25/month.

Both plans can be integrated with the Patriot Payroll software. It is the only way you can get a complete accounting and payroll service all in one, but you’ll need to pay for two plans.





Patriot Accounting Software


Simple pricing structure. Very easy to use. Ideal for small businesses. Excellent customer reviews.

Accounting and Payroll are separate platforms. Mainly suitable for micro-businesses.

Zoho Books


Very intuitive and easy to use. Excellent customer support.

Only allows 50 contacts and two users. Users can be added at $2 a month.

Quickbooks Online


Excellent level of functionality. Lots of integrations. 50% off the first three months.

Steep learning curve. Customer service is not the most helpful. Constantly upgrading and changing products and services.



Very intuitive and easy to use.

Simple pricing structure. + $4 a month for each person

Patriot Comparison with Similar Platforms

Patriot Accounting’s main competitors today are Zoho Books, FreshBooks, and Quickbooks Online. To better understand how Patriot fares, I’ve compared it to its competition. Some of these are just accounting software platforms and need to be integrated with a payroll system, while others like Quickbooks Online already include a payroll software system.

The points where Patriot Accounting excels are the simple pricing plans (Basic and Premium), excellent customer support, and very straightforward installation and setup process. Both Patriot pricing plans have good features and offer an unlimited number of invoices, payments, and reports. None of the Patriot plans include access to the Patriot Payroll platform, but both fully integrate it into one easy-to-operate desktop app.

Unlike Patriot, some of its main competitors like Zoho have a limited number of contacts, users, and workflows. When comparing Patriot’s pricing plan with, let’s say, Quickbooks Online, you can note the big difference in pricing. The Patriot Accounting Basic plan is $15/month, whereas Quickbooks Online charges $12.5 for the first three months and $25 after.

From what I’ve learned, the things that separate Patriot Accounting from its competition are its ease of use, quick setup, seamless integration with the Patriot Payroll Software, and impeccable customer service. However, you will be the one who decides which software works for your needs.































Patriot Accounting User Experience

Let’s talk a little about the user experience the Patriot Accounting software offers. This platform prides itself on improved user experience. The interface design and usability are outstanding. According to about 86% of Patriot Accounting software users who’ve left 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, the platform is straightforward and easy to learn and operate.

All the features are available in separate windows with a superb overview of all the aspects; you can see all the available options in proper tabs with easy-to-navigate menus.

  • General User Experience Patriot Accounting software has an easy-to-install wizard with a simple setup process that anyone can learn quickly. The software is designed to help any business owner track their income and expenses without any specialized training.
  • Navigation – the Patriot software has easy navigation, with the main menu on the left side with an accessible overview of all the features. The navigation between the tabs is simple; just click on the tab you need. The app has a streamlined design with improved navigation, and the purple/white theme they have going on makes for easy readability.
  • Dashboard – the main dashboard of the Patriot Accounting app brings the main features available on this platform. You can see the main features here, and you can get quick access to your most-used features.
  • Accounting Reports – the Patriot software offers various accounting reports that grant you access to the financial state of your business. With these reports, you can see and analyze essential details and much more.
  • Settings – the platform allows its users to make many optimizations and customizations, which help the platform deliver better results. I’m talking about customizing bank details, invoice templates, and more.
  • Mobile Use – the Patriot Accounting software does not have a separate mobile app. Instead, the desktop version is optimized for mobile use, and you can access your account via your smartphone. The app is optimized for mobile use, and you can see and use all the same features as the desktop app while you are on the go.

Patriot Customer Service

Patriot Software prides itself on its impeccable customer service. The company employs US-based customer support agents who are knowledgeable in each aspect of the software. They can guide you through the installation and setup process and any other issues you may have with the use of the platform. The customer support agents are available via phone, live chat, or e-mail. You can contact them from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM ET.

However, the official Patriot website has a detailed accounting help section that offers training videos for every part of the software. There is a detailed blog section with accounting tips, further training articles, and news on the platform. The website also has a good FAQ section with answers to the most common questions. Because all the other help pages are already very detailed, the FAQ section is a bit sparse but still holds plenty of essential answers to pressing matters related to the software and its use.

Patriot Accounting Online Security

The Patriot Accounting software is not downloadable but is an online app available via desktop or mobile. That means that the platform could be potentially exposed to risks like hacks and data leaks. To help prevent this, the Patriot help page holds plenty of information about how you can add layers of security to your account.

The best thing you can do is create a strong password with at least ten characters, including upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. The Patriot Software allows only one username and password for one company account. The software, however, allows the use of Google SSO (Single Sign-On), which uses your Google credentials to sign-up and sign in to your Patriot account.

While this adds to the convenience of signing in to the Patriot platform, I think there are risks involved with this type of login process. At this time, Patriot lacks two-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of security when logging into apps with sensitive data.

Patriot Software Conclusion

Patriot Accounting software is among the best and most user-friendly online accounting apps you can use today. The software offers plenty of features and allows its users to add and invoice an unlimited number of customers. When integrated with the Patriot Payroll Service, you can have insight into every aspect of your business in one easy-to-use platform.

The Patriot software customer support is excellent; along with the online help articles and instructional videos, you can quickly get in tune with the software and start using it right away. From my research into this platform, I liked almost everything it has to offer. Still, I think that they should add a Two-Factor Authentication as another layer of security.

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