Jessica Walrack

Jessica Walrack

Jessica Walrack

Personal Finance Writer

Started freelance writing about 9 years ago after leaving a career in retail sales and management. Fell in love with writing content and copy and have been doing it ever since

Currently working as: Freelance Personal Finance Writer

Resides in: Boise, Idaho

Expertise: Credit Cards, Loans, Credit, Insurance,


Jessica Walrack is a personal finance writer who has written hundreds of articles over the past nine years about loans, insurance, banking, mortgages, credit cards, budgeting, and general personal finance. Her work has appeared in numerous industry-leading publications as well as on the websites of businesses around the world — from startups to Fortune 500s.

Jessica’s love of a good number breakdown and passion for making complex concepts easy to understand made writing about personal finance a natural match. Further, she’s well-versed in on-page search engine optimization which helps her to create content that ranks high on the SERPs for target keywords. Prior to her writing career, Jessica spent seven years in retail sales and management at a large U.S. corporation. She’s also founded an online community to support the growth of other freelance writers.

Also mentioned on: The Balance, Investopedia, Biz2Credit, The Simple Dollar, MyMove, The Miami Herald, and The Sacramento Bee, among other publications. 

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