Page Grossman

Page Grossman

Page Grossman

Freelance Copywriter, Intentional Lifestyle Blogger, Content Writer

Page is a freelance intentional lifestyle writer who has written financial content for Fundera, Zeni, Incfile, FamFi, and Zendesk.

Page is a B2C freelance copywriter and blogger. She worked with a wide variety of financial clients such as Fundera, Zeni, Incfile, FamFi, and Zendesk. She also writes a weekly email newsletter called do5ive, with simple, actionable tips for living an intentional life.

Page became an entrepreneur at 22, knowing that she never wanted to settle down in a cubicle and that I needed the flexibility to design my own life. With a degree in journalism, some money in a savings account, and millennial-spirit, I founded my own freelance writing business.

Depending on the day, you can find me writing for various blogs, slaying SEO, researching grammar questions, and banishing the Lorem Ipsum, or fostering kittens and traveling the world.

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