Sam Weisfeld

Sam Weisfeld

Sam Weisfeld

Managing Editor

Sam Weisfeld received an MA in English from St Albans University. He has been involved in many different styles and subjects of content creation and editing for over 25 years. He manages the entire content creation process with a passionate focus for authentic, relatable, simple and trustworthy informative...

Sam’s Editorial Vision

Why is the meaning of the vocabulary/jargon of the financial world so inaccessible to the extent that it is almost an entirely different language ?

Is it because the concepts these words represent are beyond your everyday individual's ability to comprehend and so utilization of these principles would be better left to the experts ?

The answer is no, these principles can be learned by anyone and everyone. In fact most of us are using them everyday, we just don’t know it.

The exclusionary nature of “financial speak” was created with intent when lending money at interest was illegal and so bankers/lenders, in order to confuse those that policed this prohibition, would write contracts between lender and borrower that were incomprehensible :  

Northern Italian bankers concealed interest behind euphemisms: interest was hidden by such innocuous terms as yield, gain, reward, rent, profit, fee, bond and forgone benefit…”  

(Raymond de Roover - quoted in the book; The Price of Time the Real Story of Interest by Edward Chancellor p.23)

This “custom” still continues today with the same intent - just watch Bloomberg news channel for 5 minutes and the glee on the presenters face of seemingly understanding each other while using words that mean nothing to anyone outside of their bubble compounded by the presence of very complicated looking charts and numbers flickering across the screen. It is enough to make anyone feel so financially inferior they’ll give up hope of ever making any effective amounts of money.  

This Is Where Finimpact Comes In:

To provide factual, authentic and highly trustworthy financial know-how presented in a form that is easily understood and readily digestible geared toward the layman so that it can be utilized in order to leverage the financial system to their favor and succeed.  

Read, Learn, Reference, Use - With the information presented here you’ll get there - good Luck and may integrity be an awareness that accompanies you.
Sam Weisfeld
Maneging Editor