Sam Weisfeld

Sam Weisfeld

Sam Weisfeld

Editor In Chief

Sam Weisfeld received an MA in English from St Albans University. He has been involved in many different styles and subjects of content creation and editing for over 25 years. He manages the entire content creation process with a passionate focus for authentic, relatable, simple and trustworthy informative publications. His vision is to provide for the layman the tools to self educate and therefore leverage the various mechanisms to help them realize and grow in their efforts toward a more profitable and stable financial reality.

Sam’s Editorial Vision

Without a doubt a primary skill our children most need to acquire today is the ability to recognize the difference between legitimate and illegitimate information and how information should be vetted as being factual, authentic and trustworthy. And we, the parents, are the only ones going to teach them.

This means, as parents, we not only have to possess this skill but we also have to practice it in our everyday lives too, if we are going to be effective at teaching them.

We can achieve this by employing a vetting process to everything that requires a decision based on the acquisition of new information. It also means the dismissal of information being presented as legitimate when in fact it is just wearing the clothing of being so and the confidence in knowing the difference. 

It is a responsibility I do not shy away from but embrace fully and one that I take great pride in following. I also find great empowerment from being a part of this quiet revolution of other like minded people producing factual, authentic, trustworthy and practical content.

The above are the guiding principles I/We have followed in the creation of all the content on this site and will continue to follow while improving what's already there and any new content that is added.

I have no tolerance for fake, lazy, plagiarized or manipulative agenda ridden information especially when the consequences of following it affects peoples lives in quite significant and detrimental ways.

This is in contrast to the benefits and success that entail when people, trying to make their way, find the right information and make the right decisions accordingly. All the above, at the end of the day, is the very definition of FinImpact.

FinImpact represents, demonstrates and is the result of the above principles being meticulously followed. With the correct information your path to where you need to go all of a sudden becomes that much easier and so to the potential to succeed. With the alleviation of doubt as to the trustworthiness of the information being followed confidence grows, the path less intimidating and the risk of making the wrong decision lessens.  

Read, Learn, Reference, Use - With the information presented here you’ll get there - good Luck and may integrity be the force that accompanies you.