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What are the most important figures in an income statement?

Every income statement starts with Gains and Revenues at the top, followed by Expenses and Losses. At the end of the statement is the company’s Net Income, calculated by subtracting Expenses and Losses from Gains and Revenues.

Can you use a template to create an income statement?

Yes, you can absolutely use a template to create an income statement. Using specialized accounting software would make the process even easier.

How do I know if my income statement is correct?

A great way to ensure that your income statement is correct is to compare it to the company’s cash flow statement. Large profits must be supported by significant cash flows and vice versa. Using accounting software can also help to reduce the risk of human error.

What’s the difference between horizontal and vertical income statement analysis?

With a horizontal income statement analysis, you would look at the relationships between line values across different reporting periods. With a vertical analysis, you would focus on the relationships between different line items in a single reporting period.

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