Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What Kind of Lawyer Am I Looking For?
You want to find a lawyer that specializes in the area you are dealing with (IP, employment law, consumer law, tort, etc). Next, you want a lawyer familiar with the regional/state law of that particular industry. The law in California is usually a lot different from the law in New York. This makes it easier to narrow your search and find the right small business attorney.

What Is the Communication Like?
How did the lawyer communicate? Were they polite, courteous, and responsive? Or did you have to wait 5 days for a response? The wheels of law are known to grind slowly, but they should not come to a standstill. How a person communicates is very significant in terms of what they think about their customers. And you should really expect a lawyer to be an expert communicator.

Am I Dealing with the Actual Lawyer?
Most lawyers have sales representatives who try to hook in potential clients. They often have a legal background and are good at dealing with people. However, the person who you are communicating with is often not the one handling your case! Always speak to the actual attorney who is actively working on your case. Not the person responsible for making sure clients are satisfied and retained.
How Do I Feel About This Person?
The most important question of all. Trust your instincts. Even if a lawyer has lots of reviews and seems to have lots of experience, they might simply have bitten off more than they can chew. If something feels off, go elsewhere. They might have previously been very good but currently dealing with something. Even lawyers experience toothaches, family loss, financial difficulties, and, of course – lawsuits! People change even while old reviews and testimonials stay the same.

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