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How much of a difference can 20 points make to my credit score?

20 points can make a significant difference in your credit score rankings. It can push you into a higher credit range, like good to very good or very good to excellent. This will help your application approval rate, credit or loan amount, and the interest rate you’ll pay on your balance.

How long does it take to add 20 points to my credit score?

Because credit reports update at least once a month, boosting your score by 20 points quickly is possible. Exactly how fast will depend on the strategies you use and your financial situation. It takes a little longer to raise a poor or fair credit score than it does a very good or excellent score.

How can I get help improving my credit score?

Navigating the credit improvement waters can be tricky. While you can certainly improve your score yourself by using the tips we’ve provided, there are credit counseling organizations that can help. If you go this route, check out a few before committing and try to use one that’s a non-profit.

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