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Which credit score is more important: FICO or VantageScore?

No single credit score is more important than another. Lenders can use one or the other. And while the majority of top lenders use FICO, over 2,600 financial institutions use the VantageScore. Thankfully, regardless of which credit scoring model your lender or creditor subscribes to, the steps you take to improve your credit score will help both. 

How can I check my FICO credit score and my VantageScore credit score?

Many banks and financial institutions now offer free access to your credit score as often as you want to check it. And, checking your credit score periodically throughout the year is a great way to alert you to an error or major change. If you don’t have access to your credit score as a park from your bank, there are other ways you can access your credit score. The best way is to reach out to one of the credit bureaus (ExperianEquifax, and TransUnion) directly to sign up for their scoring and monitoring services.

You can also check your VantageScore if you want to see the differences in your score compared to FICO.

How can I improve my credit scores with FICO and VantageScore?

The main ways to improve your credit score are as follows:

  • Pay your bills on time, all the time
  • Get credit on your FICO score for payments towards rent, streaming services, and more by signing up for Experian Boost 
  • Keep your credit utilization at 30% or below
  • Be mindful when applying for new credit and try to leave at least six months between credit applications for unique loans or credit cards when possible
  • Have a good mix of credit such as rent or a mortgage, no more than three or four credit cards, and a personal loan or auto loan
  • Be patient, as improving your credit score takes time 

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