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Are 600cc bikes good for beginners?

No, 600cc bikes are generally not recommended for beginners. Smaller machines with less power and more forgiving brakes are better suited for novice riders. Larger 600cc or greater motorcycles are designed for the racetrack and may not provide an ideal learning platform for beginners.

Is 400cc good for beginners?

Yes, 400cc motorcycles are generally considered good for beginners. The range of 250-400cc provides a sweet spot for new riders, offering manageable power and size. Choosing a bike that fits your size and skill level is important, avoiding anything too large or powerful for a beginner rider.

Are sports bikes comfortable?

Sports bikes are generally not known for their comfort. With their aggressive riding positions, firm suspension, and focused design for high-performance riding, they prioritize speed and handling over comfort. However, comfort can vary between different models, and some sport bikes offer relatively better ergonomics than others.

What type of motorcycle is easiest to handle?

Cruiser motorcycles also referred to as street motorcycles, are often considered the easiest to handle. With their low seat height, relaxed riding positions, and stable handling, cruisers provide a comfortable and user-friendly riding experience, making them a popular choice for beginners and riders seeking ease of handling.

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