Can I Do a Boat Appraisal Myself?

While it's technically possible to attempt a boat appraisal yourself, it's generally recommended to have a professional appraiser perform this task. Boat appraisals involve assessing various factors such as the boat's condition, age, maintenance history, market trends, and more. Professional appraisers have the expertise to provide accurate and unbiased valuations, which can be especially important for insurance, selling, or financing purposes. Attempting a DIY appraisal might lead to inaccuracies and undervaluation.

Do Boats Usually Appreciate in Value Over Time?

Unlike real estate or some collectible items, boats typically do not appreciate in value over time. In fact, many boats tend to depreciate, especially as they age and new models with updated features are introduced to the market. However, some rare or classic boats might retain or even increase in value, but these cases are the exception rather than the norm.

What Should I Do If My Boat's Market Value Drops?

If your boat's market value drops, there are several options you might consider:

  • Keeping your boat well-maintained can help slow down depreciation.
  • Adding new features or making improvements can make your boat more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Adjusting your selling price to reflect the current market conditions can help attract buyers.
  • Enhance your boat's visibility through effective marketing strategies.
  • Consulting with boat dealers or brokers can provide insights into the best course of action.
Does a Boat Survey Include a Value Assessment?

A standard boat survey primarily focuses on assessing the overall condition of the boat, identifying any issues, and ensuring its seaworthiness and safety. While a surveyor might provide some insights into the boat's potential value based on their observations, a comprehensive boat survey usually does not include a detailed value assessment. For a more accurate value assessment, you would need to consult a professional marine appraiser who specializes in determining the market value of boats.


  • National Association of Marine Surveyors and Appraisers: The NAMSA offers a directory of certified marine surveyors and appraisers, ensuring that you can find a qualified professional in your area. Using the NAMSA will give you access to a reliable and thorough marine survey as well as condition and valuation survey services.
  • BoatUS: BoatUS offers guidance on various aspects of boat ownership, including appraisal services and resources to connect with marine professionals.
  • Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors: SAMS offers a directory of accredited marine surveyors who can provide comprehensive boat appraisals.
  • YachtWorld: YachtWorld offers a comprehensive database of yachts and boats for sale, as well as resources for boat appraisals and valuation.
  • Marine Appraisal Guide by J.D. Power: This guide offers insights into the boat appraisal process, helping both boat owners and buyers understand the factors involved in valuation.

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