What Does the Average Boat Rental Include?

Average boat rentals typically include the use of the boat itself, basic safety equipment (life jackets, flares, etc.), and often a safety briefing. Additional inclusions can vary by rental company and boat type, potentially encompassing amenities like seating, basic navigation tools, and sometimes water sports equipment. 

Can I Rent a Boat Without a Boating License?

Yes, in many places, you can rent a boat without a boating license. However, it depends on local regulations and the type of boat you're renting. Smaller boats might not require a license, while larger or more powerful vessels might necessitate a valid boating license or a demonstration of boating competence. Rental providers often offer options like hiring a licensed captain or taking a quick safety course to meet requirements.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Boat for a Week?

The cost to rent a boat for a week varies widely based on factors such as the boat type, size, location, and amenities. Renting a small or mid-sized motorboat will cost you a few hundred, while larger luxury yachts might start around $10,000 and go up from there.

Is Fuel Included in the Boat Rental Price?

Fuel costs are often not included in the boat rental price. Most boat rentals require you to pay for the fuel you use during the rental period. Some rental companies might offer options where fuel costs are included, but it's important to clarify this aspect when booking. Be prepared to budget separately for fuel expenses, especially for longer trips or more powerful boats.


  • Boatsetter: A peer-to-peer boat rental platform with a wide variety of boat types available for rent. They provide transparent pricing and user reviews.
  • GetMyBoat: Another popular boat rental marketplace offering various types of boats and watercraft for rent. Their website allows you to filter by boat type and location, providing cost estimates upfront.
  • Sailo: A platform specializing in boat rentals, including sailboats, motorboats, and luxury yachts. They offer clear pricing information and allow you to book directly online.
  • Local Marinas and Yacht Clubs: Many local marinas and yacht clubs offer boat rentals. Prices can vary widely based on location, type of boat, and amenities included.
  • Outdoor Recreation Websites: Websites like REI or Outdoor Project often have sections dedicated to water activities and boat rentals, offering insights into costs and available options.
  • Travel Forums and Reddit Communities: Websites like TripAdvisor or Reddit often have forums where users share their experiences with boat rentals, including costs, and offer advice on finding the best deals.

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