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How Do I Approach an Employee Who Is Abusing the Schedule?
With data and information. You should first have a solid reporting system in place with lots of metrics and data. You can then explain to the employee, with the associated data, why you are concerned. Ideally, you will have the first meeting when you explain the issue, and then that issue should go away. For repeat (and obvious) offenders, termination may be the only remaining option.
Should I Let My Employees Easily Swap Shifts?
YES! This is the single most important thing that you can do to clean up a messy scheduling system. High-quality software can help you to do this. However, you might consider a week-long approach, where the shifts have to be finalized the week before (things could get a little chaotic if everybody is swapping shifts like candy bars). You might implement a policy whereby employees can only change shifts within a week of work for extenuating circumstances.
What Do I Do if Two Employees Both Want the Same Days Off, Such As Thanksgiving?
This is a problem that practically all employers need to face, at one stage or another. In many corporate situations, it is done on a yearly basis, where you might get one Thanksgiving off but be expected to work during the next one. For small businesses, it can often be luck of the draw, though many will offer increased compensation for the party that has to work on the given holiday. There is no easy answer, certain holidays will have to be reviewed when the time comes.
Why Can’t I Just Use an Excel Spreadsheet for Employee Scheduling?
Because it is the slowest, most ineffective way to schedule employees. Once you do have such a system set up, it would not be very intuitive and each employee would have to learn how to use it. Employee scheduling software is often designed and updated with regulatory changes in mind. It is automatically updated. With an Excel spreadsheet, be prepared to shell out for a developer each and every year, for something that should be simple and streamlined.
How Do I Find the Right Scheduling Software for My Business?
As with all scheduling software, you will need to find the one that works for you. The first step is to identify what you are looking for. Otherwise, you will simply buy something that is not strictly essential. Identify your needs first and foremost, then look for something to fit them. As with all software, it is what you intend to use it for – there is no ultimate ‘best’ for every category of business.

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