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SimplyBook is an online appointment booking platform intended for small businesses from the service industry, as its features are tailored to provide more than simple appointment bookings. The small businesses that could benefit from SimplyBook are restaurants, medical clinics, dentists, spas, gyms, beauty salons, massage salons, hair salons, child care providers, financial advisors, and other similar businesses that rely on direct client interaction.

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Excellent customer support
Excellent customer support
Next day processing
Next day processing
Simple ordering process
Simple ordering process
Very affordable
Very affordable
Daniel Lewis
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However, the SimplyBook services are not limited only to appointment making – they also include solutions for large enterprises allowing easier management of outlets and more. SimplyBook integrates with social media platforms and enables website widgets, accepting bookings via social media widgets, and more.

The platform is customizable and scalable, and it can suit the needs of a particular business and be tailored to fit an existing business. SimplyBook syncs with Google and Outlook calendars. It also offers custom widgets that can be incorporated into an existing website and templates to fit your company’s brand.

Managing a small business that depends closely on contact with clients can be much better than using an online booking system that clients can easily use. That is why here I’ll review one of the most notable appointment scheduling platforms online,

The cloud-based app has services and features that fit the needs of small businesses in the service-based industries. But SimplyBook offers many more features suited for different small businesses, and I’ll outline these below.

Editor’s Note: Any business based in the service industry can benefit from a detailed online booking system like SimplyBook. This platform is impressive in its features and options that could elevate your service business on a higher level. I thoroughly reviewed the service and available options, and I’m impressed by the features SimplyBook offers.

Intuitive design and navigation
Connectivity with social platforms like Instagram and Facebook
Video guide for setting up the site and widgets
Good customer support
Affordable pricing plans
The free version requires renewal every month
The free version requires renewal every month

Main SimplyBook Features

SimplyBook has a multitude of features that help the smooth running of a business, and here is a list of the most notable ones:

  • Classes, Events & Memberships
  • Product Sales & Service Add-ons
  • Know Your Client Better
  • Personalize Your Booking Website
  • Calendar Sync & other features
  • Accept payments through third-party integrations
  • iBoB Assistant
  • Promotion System
  • Website Builder
  • Marketing Tools
  • Scheduling Software
  • Point of Sale – POS via third-party integrations
  • Packages
  • Zapier-supported integrations
  • Google my business
  • Reserve with Google
  • Membership
  • Video Meetings
  • Client App & Admin App

From all the features listed here, you can note that SimplyBook has an extensive offer of features to support the running of small to medium businesses. SimplyBook has a mobile app for Android and iOS users through which they can manage the available times and dates and manage the online bookings.

The SimplyBook features can be divided into five categories, but all serve to improve the smooth running of small businesses. The features allow improved online bookings for clients, and the client self-service portal makes it easy for the clients to see the available times and make an appointment that would suit them best. Many online scheduling platforms focus on this aspect as one of the most important for client satisfaction and improved business dealings.

Pricing Plans

The SImplyBook offers four price plans, one free and three paid plans. Here is a rundown of what each plan offers:

  • Free – $0 – 50 bookings + one custom feature
  • Basic – $9.9/month – 100 bookings + three custom features
  • Standard – $29.9/month – 500 bookings + eight custom features
  • Premium – $59.9/month – 2000 bookings + unlimited custom features
Free $0/month 50 bookings + one custom feature
Basic $9.9/month 100 bookings + three custom features
Standard $29.9/month 500 bookings + eight custom features
Premium $59.9/month 2000 bookings + unlimited custom features

All plans include unlimited clients, an admin app, staff scheduling, a Facebook booking widget, automatic reminder emails, and time zone conversions. It is beneficial for any small business as the basic features help the smooth running of the business. Anyone interested in testing the SimplyBook features can do this for free with the 14-day free trial that requires only a sign-up and no credit card info. You can test most of the available features and get 50 bookings. This way, you can see if the SimplyBook platform would suit your business’s needs.

The custom features enable further customization and improved business operations. Here is a list of the advanced features SimplyBook offers:

  • Employee scheduling
  • Resource schedule management
  • Recurring appointments
  • Event bookings
  • Online booking calendar
  • Manual bookings
  • Making notes on bookings
  • Website integrations
  • Zapier integrations
  • Mobile admin app for iOS and Android
  • Email and browser notifications

Anyone in need of more features or who wishes to run SimplyBook at a much larger scale needs to schedule a meeting with customer support and see the available options. To show you the differences between SimplyBook and other similar apps, here is a comparison table outlining the features of their most popular plans:

Simply Book $29.9/month/500 bookings Appointment booking, employee scheduling, and additional features and services
SetMore $9/per user/per month Scheduling and messaging
Zoho Booking $6/per staff/per month Scheduling, booking, messaging, online meetings
Acuity Scheduling $23/month/for a staff of 6 Scheduling, client self-service, messaging, integrations, customizations
Hubspot Meetings $45/month Meeting scheduling, messages
FindMyShift $40/month, 100 members, 100 managers Complete employee scheduling services

How SimplyBook Fares Against The Competition

To see how SimplyBook stands against some of its competitors, I’ve selected to compare SetMore and Zoho Booking. All three platforms have a free plan with limited features, which I think is an excellent thing. Also, the initial paid plans come with a very affordable monthly fee and offer only basic features that suit tiny businesses, people working remotely, and freelancers.

SimplyBook has an impressive list of features that allows employee scheduling, appointment booking, email notifications, and much more. Many third-party integrations and in-app widgets from SImplyBook can be integrated into an existing website or social media page.

Zoho Booking is easily integrated with all the other Zoho apps, and there are plenty of them. SetMore is impressive in its list of features, and I cannot delineate which one of these three is the best. All have great options, and it all comes down to the price and personal preference when you think of it. Check out the table below for a more comprehensive comparison between some of the most popular online booking platforms:

Simply 4.5 4 4.5 4.5
SetMore 4.5 4.5 4.5 4
Zoho Bookings 4.5 5 4 4.5
Hubspot Meetings 4 4.5 4.5 4
Acuity Scheduling 4.5 5 4.5 4.5
FindMyShift 4.5 4.5 5 5

SimplyBook User Experience

User experience is usually a deciding factor in selecting a platform that one would use daily. Well, when it comes to Simplybook, judging from the many online positive reviews, they have the user experience down to pat. The platform has an intuitive design and easy navigation.

The main dashboard provides an accessible overview of the essential features, and everything necessary is handy and visible. The main menu is on the left side, with icons and drop-down menus offering various features. The main page shows the upcoming bookings and important dates and notes. However, this page is customizable, and you can arrange it to your liking, adding the features you use the most.

SimplyBook’s versatility can be noted in the advanced features like the booking widgets that integrate into a website and the website templates. As it can also be used as a Point-Of-Sale platform, you can follow the business’s cash flow.

SimplyBook is also an employee scheduling app. Not only can you see the schedules for your employees, the app will send them notifications via email, but you can also use it as a time management platform. And interestingly enough, SimplyBook is available in nine languages.

SimplyBook Integrations

SimplyBook has a long and impressive set of features, but it also supports third-party integrations to add to the list of features separated into different categories:

Website Bookings:

  • Your Own Website
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Website Widgets

Social Media Bookings:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Google My Business
  • Line in Asia

Video Meetings:

  • Zoom
  • MS Teams
  • Gruveo

Email Marketing:

  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Active Campaign

Analytics and Conversions

  • Google Adwords and Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel

Payment Processors:

  • Stripe
  • Square
  • PayPal
  • Alipay and many more


  • Salesforce
  • Google Contacts
  • InfusionSoft and many more

Other Integrations:

  • Instagram Photo Sharing
  • Facebook Client Information
  • Google Translate
  • Outlook and Google Calendar Sync
  • Client Login via Social Media Profiles
  • MS Azure Single Sign-On
  • APIs

If you read through the list of integrations that SImplyBook supports, you will note that this is much more than an appointment booking and scheduling platform.By using the third-party integrations with SimplyBook, you get to use many more options that streamline the running of any small business.

Customer Support

SimplyBook has proper customer support in place. To help its users, the official website has a help section in place. Here, you can find the help center articles on the vital parts of the platform, the How It Works section with outlines on how to use a specific option, and the FAQ section with answers to the most common questions about SImplyBook.

There are video tutorials that help the set-up of the platform and a blog with articles to help with everything. Still, if you wish to speak with a customer support representative, you can do this via email and the live chat option. I opted for the live chat option, and I got answers to my issue within minutes, something you don’t often find in this industry.

SimplyBook User Reviews

After reviewing the SimplyBook cloud-based platform, I also checked the most popular online review websites to see what other users of the platform have to say about it. I found that many of the reviews were positive, and most of the users noted that they like the platform’s intuitive design and easy navigation.

Many noted that they like the client self-service option, as it saves time and issues when booking a client. Also, the positive notes were aimed at integrations, website builders, and website booking widgets. People found it easy to integrate SImplyBook with their existing website, making client bookings a breeze.

The employee scheduling option is another note many users have outlined, especially printing out the graphs for attendance. Many users found color coding to be beneficial when scheduling employees and tracking time and attendance.

The only real downside that a lot of the online reviews stated is that while the initial prices of the plans are affordable, any add-on or custom feature that needs to be added later increases the cost. For example, the image below shows the prices for any additional booking packages and the SMS packages not included in the price plans.


SimplyBook is one of the most uncomplicated yet most versatile cloud-based appointment booking and scheduling platforms today. The SimplyBook services are suitable for small, medium, and large businesses, with price plans and features to fit everyone’s needs. With SimplyBooks’ client app, self-scheduling is made easy, and the clients can take advantage of this option and book an appointment by themselves.

The many features and third-party integrations, along with the customizations and add-ons, make SimplyBook a real gem in the online scheduling apps world. Plus, they have an impressive customer support team. So, many types of businesses can and do find SImplyBook the perfect appointment booking and scheduling app for them.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is SimplyBook Free to Use?

SimplyBook has a free plan in place. It is a basic plan, with only 50 bookings, one custom feature, access for five users, an admin app, a booking website, directory listing, and widgets, but no client app. Plus, if you opt for the free plan, you will have to renew your free plan subscription monthly. All the other features are included in the paying plans, which you can test for free for 14 days.

How Do You Use SimplyBook?

The SimplyBook appointment booking and scheduling platform is straightforward to use. The sign-up process is short and on point, and the onboarding is quite simple. Once everything is set up with your user profile, you need to install the booking widget on your website (if this is what you need), use the website builder templates, or add the social media widgets to your pages.

From here, you log into your admin app via desktop or mobile app and add the relevant info to the platform. The management is intuitive and straightforward, and using the add-ons and integration adds more versatility to the platform.

Does SimplyBook Support Employee Scheduling?

Yes, SimplyBook supports employee scheduling, and the feature is available via the admin app. The employees get notifications via email or SMS, depending on the selected preferences.

Can I Track Time Off With SimplyBook?

Yes, SImplyBook allows tracking of time off, and this option is available via the Business and Client Management menu in the admin app. Here you can find all the features related to your employees like employee schedules, break times, vacation times, allocated services, and more.

What Apps Does SimplyBook Integrate With?

SimplyBook has an impressive list of supported integrations. The platform integrates with social media platforms, CMS, and POS systems; it also integrates with Zapier, and from there, with any supported system.