How do you go about scaling a small business?

Start by building out a business plan, with a focus on growth. Try to think through potential obstacles before hitting a wall in your business. In many cases, entrepreneurs scale by tapping into a big demand that fuels growth. 

How do you start a manufacturing company?

You can start a manufacturing company by buying the materials and making your first product in your garage. In some cases, you might choose to incorporate the business or expand into a commercial space. 

What are the legal requirements for starting a small-scale manufacturing business?

The legal requirements for starting a small-scale manufacturing business vary based on your location and products. You can find out more about the specific rules for your situation by contacting your local Chamber of Commerce. 

How can I market and sell my products as a small-scale manufacturer?

You can market your products directly to customers online, open a storefront, or sell the products to vendors who will find customers for you. 

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