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Tax Defense Network Review

Tax Defense Network provides an array of tax services to individuals and small business owners. Its team of tax professionals has over 250 years of combined experience, and they’ve consulted on over $8 billion of tax debt. Given this level of experience, the firm is well-positioned to help you with any tax issues you face.

tax defense network
Tax Defense Network
Extensive geographic footprint
Available nationwide
Free tax relief consultation
Free tax relief consultation
Diverse service offering
Diverse service offering
Trustworthiness and stability
Trustworthiness and stability
Thomas Brock
Written by:Thomas Brock
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Reviewed by: Jen Hubley Luckwaldt, Content Writer and Editor

Consumers who owe state or federal tax debt and need help navigating settlement or appeals may want to consider Tax Defense Network. The firm offers significant experience in resolving tax debt, as well as a suite of other services. Like other top tax relief companies, Tax Defense Network offers a free consultation to potential clients. 

Editor’s Note:

Fundamentally, tax relief companies negotiate with the IRS and other taxing authorities on your behalf – for a fee. Reputable companies can help you achieve economical outcomes in a transparent manner. Unfortunately, the tax relief industry has its share of bad players. As a result, it’s critical to be comfortable with a tax relief firm and the services it offers, before proceeding with an engagement.

This guide can you understand the services and solutions, cost and fees, customer experience, trustworthiness and stability, and user reviews associated with Tax Defense Network.

Summarized Rating

This parameter considers service offering breadth, geographic reach, and minimum debt level requirements. Each of these features was evaluated using the five-point scoring system. Then, the various scores were aggregated and averaged to establish an overall services and solutions score. 

Tax Defense Network gets a best-in-class 4.3 for Services and Solutions. This reflects its best-in-class service offering, extensive geographic footprint, and standard minimum debt requirement.

What Is Tax Defense Network?

Tax Defense Network was founded in 2007 with the mission of helping individuals and small businesses solve tax problems and get their lives back on track. It does so by leveraging its extensive experience to navigate through cumbersome bureaucratic channels and negotiate optimal outcomes for its clients. Tax Defense Network is based in Florida, but it maintains a national footprint.

Tax Defense Network Pros and Cons

Tax Defense Network Pros
Tax Defense Network offers potential clients a 100% free consultation.
Tax Defense Network has a very diverse service offering, including an extensive line of small business services.
The firm provides its services nationwide and maintains physical offices in over 30 states.
Tax Defense Network has a very long business history (nearly 15 years).
It’s unclear how much tax debt the firm has managed inception-to-date, but it claims to have consulted on over $8 billion.
Tax Defense Network’s team of tax professionals have over 250 years of combined experience.
Tax Defense Network maintains memberships in four industry-leading associations.
Tax Defense Network Cons
Tax Defense Network has an opaque fee structure, with an unspecified, potentially nonexistent, money-back guarantee.
The firm does not disclose much information about fees, relief amounts, and average settlements.

Services Offered by Tax Defense Network

Tax Defense Network’s core business is tax relief for individuals and small businesses. In this space, the company can help as follows:

  • Filing extensions and appeals
  • Assisting with tax audits
  • Stopping wage garnishments, levies, and liens
  • Securing innocent spouse, disaster, and pandemic relief
  • Establishing installment plans
  • Reducing tax debts, penalties and interest

Tax Defense Network also offers tax preparation/compliance services to individuals and an extensive line of services to small businesses. The latter offering includes strategic planning, bookkeeping, tax preparation/compliance, payroll and sales tax administration, and assistance with corporate dissolutions.

Tax Defense Network Service Features

Tax Defense Network offers a diverse offering of solutions for individuals and businesses, a nationwide reach, and transparent, realistic marketing tactics. Details are below.

Extent of Geographic Presence

Tax Defense Network has a nationwide footprint

Minimum Debt Requirement

Information is not available

Average Time for Relief

Information is not available

Average Relief Amount

Information is not available


Any tax relief company that accentuates “average time for relief” and/or “average relief amount” on its website warrants skepticism. Averages do not provide a meaningful indication of what you can expect, given the highly personalized nature of tax relief. Moreover, a tax relief firm cannot influence these metrics, beyond legal allowances. Exaggerated claims are misleading, at best, and illegal, at worst.

Tax Defense Network Application Process

Tax Defense Network maintains a very straightforward business process. Its clients can expect the following three-step experience:

  1. Participate in a complimentary, commitment-free, and confidential consultation with a trained tax professional.
  2. Receive a personalized tax relief proposal outlining Tax Defense Network’s plan to negotiate with pertinent tax authorities on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  3. A dedicated case advisor will work to execute your plan. You will be kept informed of all developments until your case is closed.

Tax Defense Network Costs and Fees

Tax Defense Network’s website offers no information regarding the firm’s fee structure, potential add-on charges, and the existence of a money-back guarantee. This is frustrating for consumers and seriously detracts from Tax Defense Network’s overall rating.

Fee Structure

Information is not available

Other Charges

Information is not available

Money-back Guarantee/Refund Policies

Information is not available

Tax Defense Network Customer Experience

Tax Defense Network offers fairly standard customer service options including multichannel support. Details are outlined below. 

  • Its website is easy to navigate and provides ample information about the firm.
  • Tax Defense Network does not offer expanded call center support
  • Tax Defense Network does offer multichannel support. In addition to the telephone, the firm actively communicates with new and potential clients via email, social media platforms, and traditional, postal channels. It also welcomes face-to-face meetings at its many offices.
  • With regard to supplemental information and tools, Tax Defense Network offers a variety of helpful resources, including tax and business news and guides, in-depth blog posts, FAQs, and various taxation calculators.
  • Tax Defense Network does not have a mobile app. While this isn’t unusual in the tax relief space, companies that offer mobile technology have a definite edge.

Tax Defense Network Trustworthiness and Stability

Tax Defense Network boasts a long business history and its active membership in four industry-leading associations. Key attributes are summarized below.

Years in Business

Established in 2007, Tax Defense Network has been in business for nearly 15 years – far more than the average

Customers Serviced Inception-to-date

Information is not available

Tax Debt Managed Inception-to-date

Information is not available

Memberships in Industry-leading Associations

Tax Defense Network is a member of the 

American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS), the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA), the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA), and the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP)

Tax Defense Network User Reviews

Based on reviews from Trustpilot (over 200), Best Company (over 2,800) and ConsumerAffairs (over 50), Tax Defense Network is rated average by its users (aggregate rating of 3.7 out of 5.0), but the reviews are mixed. For example, some Trustpilot (3.6 out of 5.0) reviewers praised individual case representatives by name, while others spoke of miscommunication and high charges for little results. Best Company (4.0 out of 5.0) and ConsumerAffairs (3.7 out of 5) users report similarly mixed experiences. 

The most favorable reviews highlight the firm’s knowledgeable and diligent staff and knack for resolving complex matters. Some of the negative comments claim the firm is unresponsive and does a poor job of addressing inquiries. A sampling of recent comments is provided below.

Genny Nava

5.0 Best Company Rating in August 2022

Very efficient and quick results. Ms. Baker is very knowledgeable and professional at what she does. She is also very patient explaining the procedures ready to answer any questions I might have had. I did not have anything negative to say about tax defense network

Paul F.

5.0 Best Trustpilot Rating in January 2022

I started my process when I got an ugly letter... I received immediate support and the IRS was notified that they were my representative. This stopped any negative actions right away. My case took 3 years to resolve and came out to my positive. Each person I worked with was patient and helpful. Given the many choices of the companies out there I would say this was a very lucky choice for me and would highly recommend them for you.

Tax Defense Network Compared to Other Companies

A quick comparison of Tax Defense Network and two well-known competitors, Community Tax and Optima Tax Relief, is provided below. Incidentally, Optima is rated the best overall tax relief company by FinImpact.

Tax Defense Network

Community Tax

Optima Tax Relief

Extent of Geographic Presence

Tax Defense Network services clients nationwide

Community Tax services clients nationwide

Optima services clients nationwide

Minimum Debt Requirement

Information is not available

Information is not available


Fee Structure

Information is not available

Information is not available

Optima quotes a contingent flat fee; it’s reasonable and highly competitive

Money-back Guarantee/Refund Policies

Information is not available

Information is not available

Optima offers a stellar 15-day money-back guarantee

Final Thoughts

Tax Defense Network is one of the most experienced players in the tax relief space, and it offers an extensive line of services for both individuals and small businesses. To date, the firm has consulted on over $8 billion of tax debt, and it’s helped many businesses streamline their bookkeeping processes and address tax filing and compliance matters. If you need some help, contact the firm to participate in a free consultation.

Thomas Brock

Written by: Thomas Brock

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Accounting, Corporate Finance, Debt, Economics, Financial Planning, General Business, Insurance, Life Insurance

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Reviewed by: Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

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