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Tax Relief Advocates Review

Whether you need help negotiating a tax liability, managing an audit, or preparing for a potential tax burden, Tax Relief Advocates (TRA) can help. The company isn’t the largest player in the debt relief space, but it’s growing fast. You can determine if it’s the right solution for you via a free consultation.

tax relief advocates
Tax Relief Advocates
Diverse service offering
Diverse service offering
Free tax relief consultation
Free tax relief consultation
Low minimum debt requirement
Low minimum debt requirement
Trustworthiness and stability
Trustworthiness and stability
Thomas Brock
Written by:Thomas Brock
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Reviewed by: Carrie Pallardy, Freelance Writer and Editor

Founded in 2017, Tax Relief Advocates has established itself as a formidable player in the tax relief space. Information concerning the breadth of its service offering and the extent of its geographic footprint is limited, but the California-based firm maintains a team of tax specialists that help its clients address a myriad of complex issues.

Editor’s Note:

Tax relief companies negotiate with the IRS and other taxing authorities on your behalf for a fee. Reputable companies can help you achieve positive outcomes in a transparent manner. Unfortunately, the tax relief industry has its share of bad players. As a result, it’s critical to be comfortable with a tax relief firm and the services it offers, before proceeding with its services.

This guide can help you understand the services and solutions, cost and fees, customer experience, trustworthiness and stability, and user reviews associated with TRA.

Summarized Rating

This parameter considers service offering breadth, geographic reach, and minimum debt level requirements. Each of these features was evaluated using the five-point scoring system. Then, the various scores were aggregated and averaged to establish an overall services and solutions score. 

TRA gets a very poor 3.0 for Services and Solutions. This reflects its standard minimum debt requirement. Information regarding its service offering and geographic footprint is not available.

What is Tax Relief Advocates?

Tax Relief Advocates is a tax relief company. It employs a team of tax professionals that work with its clients on a number of different tax issues. The company offers tax consultation and preparation and tax negotiation. TRA can help you with many different tax situations, such as currently not collectible status, penalty abatement, offer in compromise, IRS installment plans, and more. 

Tax Relief Advocates Pros and Cons

Tax Relief Advocates Pros
TRA offers potential clients a free consultation.
TRA employs a network of tax professionals.
The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.
Tax Relief Advocates Cons
Information regarding TRA’s service offering is limited.
Information regarding TRA’s geographic footprint is not available.
TRA has a very opaque fee structure, with an unspecified, potentially nonexistent, moneyback guarantee.
The firm has relatively weak customer service.
TRA has only been in business for five years and offers no information regarding its tax case experience.
TRA does not maintain memberships in at least two industry-leading associations.

Services Offered By Tax Relief Advocates

Tax Relief Advocates develops customized tax relief solutions for its clients. Information regarding its service offering is somewhat limited, but the firm has experience filing extensions and appeals; stopping wage garnishments, levies and liens; managing audits, and reducing tax debt obligations.

Tax Relief Advocates Service Features

Tax Relief Advocates offers many services and solutions, but its website lacks details on its offerings, geographic reach, and minimum debt requirement. This lack of transparency is a recurring theme with this company.

Geographic presence

Information is not available

Minimum debt requirement

Information is not available

Average time for relief

6-8 weeks 

Average relief amount

Information is not available


Any tax relief company that accentuates “average time for relief” and/or “average relief amount” on its website warrants skepticism. Averages do not provide a meaningful indication of what you can expect, given the highly personalized nature of tax relief. Moreover, a tax relief firm cannot influence these metrics, beyond legal allowances. Exaggerated claims are misleading, at best, and illegal, at worst.

Tax Relief Advocates Process

Tax Relief Advocates prides itself on developing personalized strategies for its clients. It does so via a four-step process:designed to determine your eligibility for various debt forgiveness programs. During its process, a TRA tax professional will formulate a settlement strategy to save you as much money as possible.

  1. Consultation: During the free consultation, a TRA expert meets with you to assess the details of your tax debt and understand any communications you’ve had with the IRS and/or other tax authorities.
  2. Investigation: After the consultation, you will be presented with a plan of action. If you accept it, a formal notice will be sent to the pertinent tax authorities, letting them know you are being represented by TRA. Simultaneously, TRA’s experts will proceed with the action items outlined in the plan. This step typically takes one to two weeks
  3. Resolution: After the research is complete, the team will launch the process of negotiating with pertinent tax authorities to resolve your debt.
  4. Freedom: Finally, TRA aims to give its clients freedom from their tax burdens within six to eight weeks. 

Tax Relief Advocates Costs and Fees

Tax Relief Advocates does not have a transparent fee structure. . It offers no information regarding its baseline fees, the potential for other charges, or its money-back guarantee. This lack of information places TRA at a competitive disadvantage.

Fee structure

Information is not available

Other charges

Information is not available

Money-back guarantee/refund policies

Information is not available

Tax Relief Advocates Customer Experience

Customer experience is an important indication of what you can expect from a tax relief company. Tax Relief Advocates customer service offering is lacking compared to some of its competitors.

  • TRA’s website is very limited, making it difficult for potential customers to understand the firm and its services.
  • Expanded call center support is not available, which reducesaccessibility.
  • One positive service feature relates to multi-channel support. TRA communicates with new and potential clients via phone, email, and social media platforms.
  • TRAoffers some basic supplemental information and tools on its Client Resources page. 
  • TRA does not offer a mobile solution to its clients. Mobile technology isn’t the norm with tax relief companies, but it’s a great way to gain a competitive advantage.

Tax Relief Advocates Trustworthiness and Stability

Established in 2017, TRA has been operating for just over five years. Its track record is much shorter than many of its competitors. In addition to its short business history, TRA lacks quantitative information regarding its hands-on experience. Uncertainty as to whether the firm is a member in any industry-leading associations is an additional concern. All of this call’s the firms reliability into question. 

Years in business


Customers serviced inception-to-date

Information is not available

Tax debt managed inception-to-date

Information is not available

Memberships in industry-leading associations

Information is not available 

Tax Relief Advocates User Reviews

Based on a limited number of reviews from Best Company, Tax Relief Advocates is not very highly rated by its users ( 3.3 out of 5 stars) on this site. The majority of complaints relate to a lack of communication and responsiveness. TRA does have a higher rating on BBB: 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

A sampling of recent comments is provided below.

Matthew Laney

5.0 Best Company Rating in July 2022

Tax Relief Advocates helped me with an arrears problem that I had. They were honest and effective. They were fairly easy to communicate with on-line with decent response times to questions. They could have done better in terms of answering their phones and returning calls.

David Weeks

1.0 Best Company Rating in April 2022

Terrible experience with this company. It has taken them nearly 3 months and I still dont have a resolution... Their communication with their customers is NON-Existent. I voiced concerns about a state tax issue and I was met with silence...once I called and spoke with Tim O about the issue of communication he assured me it would be taken care of. It was not. I had to call another company to get the answers I was looking for. If you want to spend 14k for your time being wasted then this is the company for you.…

William Lightner

1.0 Best Company Rating in February 2022

It started out pretty good but when I got passed on the the tax professional it went down fast. They do not communicate or keep me informed and the next year taxes are getting ready to get done and I still haven't filed the previous year. 1 star is actually a bit to high of a rating if you ask me. I had to pay a lot to get nothing done so far. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

Anne Kathleen G. 

5.0 BBB Rating in October 2022

After several years of being intimidated by problems with taxes, I feel hopeful that those problems will be resolved to my satisfaction. ***************** listened to my concerns and clearly presented solutions that have lessened my fears and apprehension considerably. He inspires confidence and reassurance. I am ever so grateful that TRA exists to help me and others like me, and I appreciate **************************** words for his knowledge and patience. Thank you for priceless peace of mind!

Barbara J

5.0 BBB Rating in October 2022

Once I got that this program could truly help me, the starting process was very easy. My representative was helpful, followed up, and got the ball moving. So far so good. Looking forward to sharing more as the journey begins.

Tax Relief Advocates Compared to Other Companies

A quick comparison of Tax Relief Advocates and two well-known competitors, Precision Tax Relief and Anthem Tax Services, is provided below. Precision is rated the best overall tax relief company by


Tax Relief Advocates

Precision Tax Relief

Anthem Tax Services

Geographic presence

Information is not available

Precision has a broad geographic reach, but it’s unclear whether it services the entire U.S.


Minimum debt requirement

Information is not available



Fee structure

Information is not available

All-inclusive flat fee 

Information is not available

Money-back guarantee/refund Policies

Information is not available

Precision offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

Anthem offers a best-in-class, virtually, unlimited money-back guarantee

Final Thoughts

All things considered, Tax Relief Advocates could be a sound solution for tax relief. However, its relatively short business history and opaque marketing leave a lot to be desired. There are many other more established and transparent firms in the industry. Spend some time evaluating your options.

Thomas Brock

Written by: Thomas Brock

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

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Reviewed by: Carrie Pallardy

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