Rebecca Riddle

Rebecca Riddle

Rebecca Riddle

Hospitality Writer

I have years of experience working in restaurants as well as writing about them. From restaurant financing, to hospitality technology, to the exciting worlds of food and beverage, I know hospitality inside and out.

Currently working as: Freelance Food + Beverage + Hospitality Writer / Bartender 

Resides in: New York, NY

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Politics from New York University; Master’s degree in International Education Development with a concentration in Language, Literacy, and Culture from Teachers College, Columbia University

Expertise: Hospitality, Hospitality Technology, Restaurant Financing, Food & Beverage


Rebecca Riddle is a writer, bartender, and hospitality enthusiast who's been working in various FOH positions for the past eight years. As a freelance food + beverage + hospitality writer, she's on a mission to combine her love of words and writing with her passion for the restaurant industry. She’s been featured on websites including VinePair, TastingTable, and Craftable. 

Rebecca was also mentioned on: VinePair, Tasting Table, Craftable, CulEpi 



  • New York City-based freelance writer who specializes in food, beverage, and hospitality 
  • You can find her work on various hospitality-related websites like VinePair, TastingTable, and Craftable
  • In her spare time, she enjoys solving crossword puzzles, reading, and looking for the best dumplings in NYC 


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