What can a kitchen display system do for my restaurant?

A kitchen display system can help speed up ticket times, prevent mistakes, and make working in your kitchen easier. 

Do kitchen display systems include both hardware and software?

Most kitchen display systems include software as well as hardware (which usually comes in the form of a tablet or touch screen monitor). However, some KDSs primarily offer hardware that can be integrated with separate POS software. 

How much does a kitchen display system cost?

While the exact costs will depend on which system you opt for, generally speaking, you can expect to pay between $10-$30 per month for a kitchen display system?

Can a KDS be integrated into a POS system?

Yes, your POS and KDS work in conjunction with one another. Orders are placed via your POS in the front of the house and then displayed on the KDS in the back of the house. Many POS systems include a KDS as one of their features, but there are separate KDSs that can be integrated as well. 

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