What software do restaurants use to take orders?

Most restaurants rely on their own website hosting software, third-party apps, or POS software integration to take orders. Some restaurants use a combination of the three.

Which is better: third-party delivery apps or online food ordering systems?

This depends on factors such as if you have delivery staff available, budget, order volume, geographic location, and brand recognition. Every restaurant is different, but generally speaking, third-party options are more expensive, which can be a major deterrent for many businesses. 

What’s the best digital menu for restaurants?

With the variety of excellent digital menu options out there, the best one depends on the individual needs of a restaurant, and can depend on things like price, number of menu options, and how much leeway customers have in terms of making substitutions and modifications. 

Are there free online ordering options for restaurants?

Most reputable online ordering options have some kind of cost associated with their use. However, some POS systems have integrated options (but you still have to pay for the POS). Some platforms offer free basic options, but you’ll likely need to pay to get the features you need.

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