Are There Any Free Restaurant Point of Sale Systems Available?

There are very few free restaurant POS systems available. Square is one of the only ones with a free option. However, many POS systems offer free trials that allow you to test out their features before purchasing a subscription. Additionally, some POS providers offer discounted pricing for start-ups and small businesses. 

How Do I Set Up Online Ordering for My Restaurant?

Setting up online ordering for your restaurant is a relatively simple process. You’ll need to first select a POS system that offers online ordering capabilities. Once you’ve selected a POS system, you’ll need to create a website or an app for customers to place orders. You’ll also need a payment processing platform to process payments for orders. After that, you’ll need to integrate your POS system with your website/app, and your payment processing platform. Finally, you’ll need to set up your menu on the system so customers can view your food and drinks when ordering. 

Can My Restaurant POS Software Link to My Accounting Software?

Yes, your POS software for restaurants can likely link to your accounting software. Many modern POS systems have features that allow you to synchronize data between your POS and accounting software, allowing you to keep both systems up-to-date with the same information. Many POS systems are able to link to accounting software such as QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero, as well as other financial management tools. 

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