Kal Salem

Kal Salem

CPA, PMP and Finance Consultant

A CPA and finance professional working with small businesses to educate owners and grow alongside their businesses. He holds a Masters in Accounting and a BS in Supply Chain Management. Owner at Salem CPA Services LLC.

Currently working as: Owner, Salem CPA Services LLC

Resides inAustin TX

Education: Masters in Accounting, BS in Supply Chain Management from Arizona State University

Expertise: Small Business Finances

Certifications: CMP, PMP


Kal started his career in public accounting supporting SEC, regulatory, and both internal and external audits. With a strong background in audit, Kal has a firm understanding in controls design, IT and financial risk, and risk mitigation techniques from a compliance and business perspective. Education in operations has been a driver in Kals ability to effectively map and assess current business processes and understand where to advise clients to improve. Team building, project management, and client relationships are a strong competency.


  • Experience in Accounting, Strategy and Operations
  • A certified CPA and PMP
  • Working with small business owners to educate them and help them grow their businesses

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