How often do restaurants do inventory?

Each restaurant is different, but the majority will check their inventory once or twice a week. Doing full counts when you restock on goods is a good idea to make sure nothing has expired and that all your food is fresh.

How is food cost calculated?

To calculate food cost, calculate the cost of goods sold for a meal, then divide that by the revenue from the final dish.

How much food inventory should a restaurant carry?

Restaurants should keep their food inventory as low as possible. You want just enough to cover your sales, but not so little as to have to turn people away. The less excess inventory you carry, the lower your inventory costs.

What is a good inventory to sales ratio?

A good inventory to sales ratio for a restaurant is between four and eight. That means that you’ll sell through your full inventory between four and eight times a month.

What is the average inventory turnover rate for restaurant food?

Inventory turnover rate is calculated by dividing the cost of goods sold in a period by the average inventory. The average inventory turnover rate for restaurants seems to exist anywhere between  6 to 19.  This is the number of days of inventory before running out of the supply.


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