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Anthony Edmundson

Written by: Anthony Edmundson

Freelance Content Writer

Anthony is a freelance content writer and voice over artist since 2017. Though Anthony specializes in a wide range of topics, it's through running his own company and many years of working in the business lending industry that he can offer the expert advice our readers count on.

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Kal Salem

Reviewed by: Kal Salem

CPA, PMP and Finance Consultant

A CPA and finance professional working with small businesses to educate owners and grow alongside their businesses. He holds a Masters in Accounting and a BS in Supply Chain Management. Owner at Salem CPA Services LLC.

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Somer G. Anderson, Ph.D.

Fact checked by: Somer G. Anderson Ph.D., CPA

Accounting and Finance Professor

Somer G. Anderson has been working in the Accounting and Finance industries for over 20 years as a financial statement auditor, a finance manager in a large healthcare organization, and a Finance and Accounting professor at Maryville University.

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