Christi Gorbett

Christi Gorbett

Christi Gorbett

Freelance Content Marketing Writer

Freelance Content Marketing Writer specializing in finance, personal development, education, marketing, web development, food & beverage manufacturing, pet, and contracting/home improvement niches.

Currently working as: Content Marketing Writer

Resides in: Indiana, USA

Education: Master's degree in English from the University of Indianapolis

Expertise: Personal finance, small business finance, personal development, education, marketing


Christi Gorbett is a content marketing writer who specializes in personal finance, marketing, education, and personal development. As the daughter of a high school English teacher, Christi was destined to fall in love with the written word. She has a master’s degree in English, which she initially used to teach English at the college level. After several years of teaching, Christi decided to put her skills to use as a full-time content marketing writer. In the 6+ years since she started writing, Christi has been published on and worked for companies like Chewy, Noble Desktop, Advekit, and Repurpose. She enjoys using her writing skills to help companies draw a crowd through engaging, SEO-optimized content such as blog posts, newsletters, e-books, web pages, and online courses. When she’s not writing, Christi spends her time reading, traveling, or playing with her dog.

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  • Master's degree in English
  • Taught English at the university level for more than five years
  • Worked as a writer for more than six years
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