How do you do market analysis for a restaurant?

An overview of your field, a look at your target market, a study of your competitors, your own company predictions, and any laws you'll need to follow should all be included in your market analysis.

What’s a buyer persona and why is it important in restaurant marketing?

This is your ideal audience you’ll be gearing all your marketing efforts towards. Once you know what your target audience is you will know what channels and mediums to focus your time and budget on.

How do I get my restaurant noticed?

It depends on what audience you’re trying to reach. If you’re going for a younger audience, social media is best. For older audiences, traditional methods like newspapers and TV are best.

What are the best restaurant marketing strategies?
  • Local SEO efforts
  • Leverage social media
  • Offer rewards and discounts
  • Collab with local bloggers and influencers
  • Partner with online food delivery platforms

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