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How do I find out my FICO credit score?

You can get your FICO score for free via the FICO website. The FICO website does have paid plans if you want to monitor your score over time or access other versions of your FICO score such as scores for mortgages or auto loans. Also, various credit cards and banks also offer free FICO scores. 

How do I find out my VantageScore credit score?

You can access your VantageScore for free via CreditWise, CreditKarma, and CreditSesame. Also, if you have an account with Chase, U.S. Bank, Synchrony, One Main Financial, or American Express, you can get your VantageScore for free. 

Keep in mind that your VantageScore can vary depending on which major credit bureau these platforms use to pull your score credit. 

Why does my credit score go up and down?

Your credit score can fluctuate as changes are made to your accounts. This can include if you apply for new credit and receive a hard credit inquiry or if you miss a monthly payment for an account. Your credit score can also change if you pay off a debt or close an account. 

You can use tools like CreditSesame, CreditKarma, and CreditWise to monitor your score over time. These sites can also provide insight as to why your credit score might have changed or what you can do to improve your score.

Does overdrafting affect credit score?

No. Overdrafting is when you overspend with your checking account which is not tied to your credit since you are not borrowing money from anyone. Still, overdrafting can result in a penalty fee or even make it harder for you to get another checking account if you fail to settle the account with the bank.

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