Where Is the Best Place to Sell Your Boat?

The best place to sell your boat depends on your goals. Online platforms like Boat Trader and Craigslist offer broad reach. For personal support, consider boat dealerships or local marinas. Evaluate each option's visibility, costs, and convenience to make an informed choice.

How Do You Price a Used Boat?

Pricing a used boat involves research. Study similar models, consider your boat’s condition and age, and evaluate market trends. Online pricing guides can help. Set a competitive yet realistic price that considers your boat's features and any recent upgrades.

Are There Tax Implications When Selling a Boat?

Yes, there can be tax implications. Some states may require sales tax on the sale amount, while others may tax only the difference between the sale and purchase prices. It's advisable to research your local tax laws or consult a tax professional.

How Can You Sell a Boat If You're Not in the Same Location?

Selling a boat remotely is feasible. Utilize comprehensive listings with high-quality photos and videos. Offer virtual tours and video calls for interested buyers. Arrange for surveys, inspections, and secure payment methods to facilitate a successful remote sale.


  • YachtWorld: YachtWorld is a platform that specializes in selling boats and yachts. It offers a wide reach and tools to create compelling listings.
  • eBay Motors: eBay Motors allows you to list boats for sale, reaching a broad online audience.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Facebook Marketplace is a free platform where you can list boats and connect with potential buyers in your local community.
  • The Hull Truth: The Hull Truth has classified sections for selling boats. It also provides a platform to interact with potential buyers.
  • Boat Auctions: If you're open to auctions, consider platforms like, which list boat auctions in various regions.
  • Boat Brokers: If you have a high-value boat or prefer professional assistance, consider working with a boat broker who specializes in boat sales.
  • Local Marinas: Inquire at local marinas if they offer boat listing services or if they know of potential buyers in the area.

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