How do I keep my natural pool clean?

While the filtration zone of your natural pool will take care of bacteria and algae growth, you still need to regularly skim any dirt or large debris.

Do natural pools attract mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes prefer standing water. Because the water in natural swimming pools is constantly moving, they are almost completely mosquito-free.

Can you have fish in a natural swimming pool?

You can absolutely add fish to a natural swimming pool. However, remember to maintain a healthy, balanced population and don’t overdo it.

Can you put chlorine in a natural pool?

Natural pools do not require chlorine or other chemicals. On the contrary, adding chlorine to your natural swimming pool can compromise the health of aquatic plants and wildlife.

Are natural pools safe?

Natural swimming pools are considered less safe than chlorinated pools, as they do not require the use of chemicals to sanitize water. However, you can keep your natural pool safe by adding essential plants and zooplankton that will act as a natural filtration system.

Can you heat a natural swimming pool?

Yes, you can use any conventional swimming pool heater to maintain your pool temperature during colder weather.

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