What are the benefits of Airbnb houseboats over traditional accommodation? 

Visitors are treated to breathtaking water vistas, the gentle melody of lapping waves, and the rare chance to reside and slumber right on the tranquil waters.

Are pets usually allowed on Airbnb houseboats? 

Each host has the liberty to establish their own pet policy, resulting in a variety of stays that warmly welcome four-legged companions. By simply checking the "Pets Allowed" box under House Rules, guests can discover the ideal stay tailored to both them and their beloved pets. Airbnb delivers a delightful and pet-friendly experience for all.

Can you move an Airbnb houseboat to a different location? 

Moving an Airbnb houseboat to a different location is typically not allowed. Houseboats are generally docked at specific marinas or designated mooring spots, and hosts expect guests to keep the boat in its designated location during their stay. If a guest wishes to change the location of their stay, they should communicate with the host in advance and explore other available houseboat listings in their desired area. 

What should I do if something gets damaged on an Airbnb houseboat?

In case your Host finds you responsible for any damages, missing items, or unexpected cleaning expenses, they might send a reimbursement request using our Resolution Center. You'll have a 24-hour window to respond, and if you choose to pay the full amount, the request will be promptly closed.


  • Airbnb's Houseboat Search Filter: Use Airbnb's search filter to specifically look for houseboat listings, making it easier to find and book your perfect aquatic accommodation. 
  • Host Profiles and Reviews: Thoroughly review the host's profile and read previous guests' reviews to get insights into the host's reliability, the quality of the houseboat, and the overall experience. 
  • Airbnb Support: Contact Airbnb's customer support team if you have any questions or encounter issues during the booking process or your houseboat stay. They can assist with resolving problems and ensuring a smooth experience.

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