How Long Can You Rent a Boat for?

The duration of boat rentals can vary significantly based on the owner's preferences, rental agreements, and availability. Some boat owners offer short-term rentals, ranging from a few days to a few weeks, catering to vacationers and weekend getaways. Others may allow longer-term rentals, spanning several months to a year, accommodating those interested in experiencing boat living for an extended period. 

Can I Live on a Boat Year-Round?

Yes, living on a boat year-round is possible, and many boaters embrace this lifestyle as full-time live aboard. However, several factors need consideration. Ensure your boat is equipped for year-round living, with proper insulation, heating, and cooling systems to handle seasonal changes. Additionally, mooring options during colder months and access to essential amenities like fresh water and waste disposal must be secured. Adhering to local regulations and choosing suitable climates can make year-round boat living a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

What are the Top Challenges of Living on a Boat?

Living on a boat presents unique challenges that aspiring boat dwellers should be prepared for:

  • Limited space: Adjusting to compact living quarters and effective organization can be challenging.
  • Maintenance: Boats require regular upkeep and attention to ensure their seaworthiness and functionality.
  • Weather dependence: Navigating weather conditions can impact your daily activities. During bad weather, you may need to find somewhere else to stay. 
  • Mooring and regulations: Finding suitable mooring options and adhering to local regulations is crucial and, in some cases, expensive. 
  • Resource management: Managing limited resources like water, electricity, and provisions requires careful planning.
  • Isolation and social life: Depending on the location, boat living can be isolating, affecting social interactions.
How Do I Secure My Belongings While Living on a Boat?

Securing belongings on a boat is essential to prevent damage and to maintain an organized living space:

  • Stow wisely: Use storage lockers, nets, and latches to secure items while underway or during rough weather.
  • Non-slip mats: Place non-slip mats and pads to keep belongings from shifting and sliding.
  • Custom storage solutions: Invest in custom storage solutions to maximize space and keep items secure.
  • Sea straps and bungee cords: Use sea straps or bungee cords to secure items on shelves and in cabinets.
  • Racks and hooks: Install racks and hooks for hanging clothes, bags, and other belongings.


  • Boat US: Provides resources for boating safety, towing services, insurance, and advocacy for boaters, including liveaboards. 
  • Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine: A sailing magazine (with an incredible name) and online community that offers practical advice, stories, and information for live aboard sailors. 
  • Cruisers Forum: An active online forum where liveaboards and cruisers share experiences, tips, and advice. 
  • Seven Seas Cruising Association: Provides support, camaraderie, and resources for cruisers and liveaboards, including regional gatherings and webinars. 
  • US Power Squadrons: Offers boating education, seminars, and courses on boating safety and navigation for those looking to get their own sailboat.
  • National Safe Boating Council: Promotes boating safety through education and outreach programs, offering resources for boaters and liveaboards. Website:

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