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Is there a difference between commercial and residential solar panels?

Yes, there are differences between commercial and residential solar panels. Commercial solar panels are larger and more efficient than residential solar panels due to their higher power output and need to generate more energy. They are also built to withstand harsher weather conditions and have a longer lifespan than residential solar panels. Additionally, commercial solar panel installations require more advanced wiring and electrical systems to support the increased power output.

What are the best commercial solar panel companies?

Solar Power World Online lists some of the best commercial solar power companies in the 2021 Top Commercial Solar Contractors. This list includes companies such as Swinerton Renewable Energy, McCarthy Building Companies, and Borrego Solar Systems. These companies are recognized for their expertise in designing and installing commercial solar systems for businesses and organizations across the U.S. 

How many solar panels are needed for commercial use?

A medium-sized business using an average amount of electricity needs about 70 average-quality solar panels to meet 100% of its electricity needs. In comparison, most homes require 17 to 21 panels. However, the number of solar panels required for a commercial application can vary depending on the business's energy needs, location, and available roof or ground space for installation. 

How much can businesses save per month with solar power?

Switching to solar energy can have significant financial benefits for commercial business owners, such as reducing their monthly electricity bill by up to 75%. In addition to cost savings, embracing innovative energy solutions can help businesses stay ahead of the game in today's evolving market. Many businesses have already taken advantage of state and federal financial incentives and the solar energy sector thrives. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, American companies and businesses are installing record levels of solar panel systems, now accounting for 14% of the total U.S. capacity.

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