Why is it important for a hairstylist to get more clients?

Client turnover is a natural occurrence and it can’t always be prevented. The more clients you have, the easier it is for your business to rebound in case you lose a client or want to expand your services. 

What are the best ways to get more clients as a hairstylist?

Marketing is key and this includes social media and search engine marketing. It’s essential your information online is current and you make it easy for clients to book with you. 

Is it hard for a new hairstylist to get more clients?

It can seem more daunting for a new hairstylist to get more clients, but if you stick with the basics, such as networking, marketing, talking with your friends and family, plus creating a compelling portfolio, then you can quickly establish a solid client base. 

How long does it take to get more clients as a hairstylist?

The timing to get more clients depends on numerous factors and it may take longer for some hairstylists to establish their client base than others. The key is to continue your marketing and outreach efforts and provide superb service to anyone in your chair.

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