How do you open a salon?

There are crucial steps to take before opening a salon, including identifying your target clientele and researching the local area. You can use a realtor to help locate the proximity to competitors, foot traffic, and cost, and finalize the location, plus confirm local zoning regulations. With a final location in mind, you can work with an attorney and accountant to ensure all the proper paperwork is in place. You can find more information in our essential checklist and guide detailing how to start a salon

Where can you find beauty salon loans?

Beauty salon loans are usually small business loans that you dedicate the funds to the opening or operating of a beauty salon. Small business loans for beauty salons are available through traditional brick-and-mortar banks, credit unions, or online lenders. 

How important is competitor proximity when choosing a salon location?

Although taking note of how many salons are close by is important, having competitors within close proximity doesn’t have to be a deterrent from choosing the location. Instead of focusing on the number of competitors, you can focus on the services you specialize in and what sets you apart from others. 

How can I determine if a salon location has high foot traffic?

You might be able to assess foot traffic with the help of counters, digital cameras, or tracking software. If you do not have access to these tools, spend time near the potential salon location and observe how many people walk by throughout the day, what days the traffic is heaviest, and what nearby businesses are attracting clients too. 

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