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How does salon equipment financing work?

Salon equipment financing lets you borrow money to purchase equipment, repaying the loan over months or years. This makes it easier to afford equipment when you’re starting out.

How can salon equipment financing help my business?

Equipment financing can help your company get essential tools that it can use to earn revenue, even if you don’t have the cash to purchase the salon equipment in full.

Can you get financing for used salon equipment?
Equipment leasing vs. financing: how are they different?

Leasing involves renting equipment from another company. Depending on the terms of the deal, you may not be responsible for maintenance and repairs, but you typically won’t build equity and have to keep making monthly payments to keep using the equipment.

Financing involves borrowing money to buy equipment. You’ll own the equipment and be responsible for maintenance but are free to use it as you wish. Once you pay off the loan, you can keep using the equipment with no monthly fee to pay.

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