What are the benefits of a good salon mission statement?

A good salon mission statement inspires employees, describes what the customer and employees can expect from the salon, and leaves a lasting impression of the salon brand.

Can a salon mission statement help attract and retain clients?

Absolutely. Not only can a potential or existing client identify with the mission statement, but it gives the employees an opportunity to be on the same page with goals and objectives. Anytime your employees understand and support the salon mission statement, the better experience it is for everyone, including clients. 

How can a salon mission statement guide business decision-making?

As a salon owner you’ll likely have endless choices for marketing, community events, promotions, and of course equipment and supplies. The salon mission statement can keep your decisions focused and provide guidance on what decision most supports your mission.

How often should a salon mission statement be updated?

There is no set rule on how often the salon mission statement should be updated, however, similar to how your salon likely adapts to updates in the market, you’ll want to update your statement as needed too. You may find it helpful to schedule a review once a year when you’re reviewing upcoming marketing plans or setting revenue goals for the year. 

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