What are the key elements of effective salon branding?

The key elements of salon branding include consistent use of colors, fonts, logo, and messaging throughout all marketing materials (both online and in print). Every decision with branding needs to focus on both your ideal customer and what aligns with your mission and values statement as a salon.

How do I communicate my salon’s brand to customers?

There are numerous ways to communicate your brand! This includes on your website, social media channels, an email marketing newsletter, the use of a logo, plus designing the interior of the salon to reflect the brand. Think of the branding as an extension of the salon and the person you always want your business to reflect.

What are the benefits of salon branding?

Salon branding clearly communicates what your ideal customer can expect when they use your services. It’s an ideal way to promote your salon’s mission and values, while providing key information to clients. It’s what sets the salon apart from the competition and gives a customer a reason to try your services.

Can I change my salon branding or am I stuck with it?

Branding should evolve to reflect the most accurate representation of the salon. If this means the salon is evolving, then the brand should evolve with it. This is particularly important as you develop your clientele list and deepen your understanding of what is most important to your ideal customer. 

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