Why would I use invoicing software?
Invoicing software helps you create professional-looking invoices quickly and easily. Many also include bookkeeping and accounting tools to help you run your company.
How do I create an invoice using Microsoft Word?
Microsoft Word includes many templates that you can use to create documents like invoices. Use a pre-made template, make your own, or download one and customize it to your needs.
How do I use Google Sheets to create templates?
Google Sheets has a template gallery that includes invoicing templates. You can select an invoice template that you like and then adjust it to fit your business. You can then save your template for future use.


Invoicing is an essential practice for any business that sells goods or services to other companies. Make sure to use good invoicing practices to generate easy-to-understand, professional-looking, invoices. Using a template or an invoicing program makes this easy and can help you keep track of your invoices and when your customers pay them.

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