Is medical malpractice insurance obligatory?

In almost every state it is required by law to carry some form of medical malpractice insurance obligatory. Some states, such as California, do not require doctors to secure malpractice insurance in order to practice. Individual hospitals or clinics may ask physicians to carry insurance even if it is not legally required by the state. The specific coverage amounts will vary between states and medical facilities.

Who doesn’t have to get malpractice insurance?

Physicians in certain states are not required to secure malpractice insurance, however, it is always a good practice to do so. Those who work in healthcare but do not have direct access or interact directly with patients typically don’t need malpractice insurance.

What is the medical malpractice law in the United States?

In the US, medical malpractice law refers to treatment providers and doctors being held liable for patient harm. This harm must have been incurred when said provider rendered their services in a manner that was negligent. Patients must show proof that the service provider rendered negligent care that results in harm or injury. 

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