Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do I Get a DBA?
You can get a DBA by visiting your local county clerk, filling out the minimum paperwork, and receiving the DBA online or by post within a matter of weeks. The DBA is most often handled at the local level.
Does a DBA have to file taxes?
The DBA does not have to file taxes, as it is not a distinct legal entity. The DBA name is often appended to the official name on the IRS tax form. So the name could be ‘Toms Electrical Business LLC DBA Lightning Electric’.
What Does a DBA Allow You to Do?
To do business under a different name than the one you have registered with the state for taxation and regulation.
What is better, a DBA or LLC?
Neither is ‘better’, as they are entirely different. The LLC is a unique legal infrastructure, while the DBA is just a name used to do business. An LLC can have a DBA. A DBA cannot have an LLC, as they would not make sense.
How do you write a DBA name?
You write it as you have registered it. You do not have to write the actual legal name next to it, as this is already recorded with the local and/or state office.
What is the Alternative to the DBA?
There is no real alternative to the DBA. It’s a lot easier than setting up hundreds of different companies for each new venture. And a whole lot cheaper. However, keep in mind that registering and maintaining lots of DBAs can get confusing and can rack up the filing costs. You need to make sure that it’s practical.
Can I lose my Money?
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