Are hot tubs expensive to run?

Whether or not a hot tub is expensive to run is relatively subjective. However, jacuzzi owners should be prepared to spend about $50 monthly for operational costs, including water, electricity, and spa chemicals.

How much energy does a hot tub use?

Hot tubs require energy to keep the water at the desired temperature. Consumers can safely estimate that an above-ground jacuzzi with a 120-volt heater will use about 3,000 watts when operational. However, if your hot tub has a larger heater, it will use closer to 7,500 watts. This means about 3 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and 7.5 kWh, respectively. 

How long does a hot tub last?

How long a hot tub will last will vary greatly on the type of hot tub purchased such as the quality, exterior, etc., and how well you maintain it. In general, hot tubs last between five and twenty years before needing replacement. But, with weekly cleanings and a deep clean every four to six months, your hot tub will likely last well over five years.

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