Is it expensive to have a hot tub?

It can be expensive to have a hot tub, since some models can cost as much as $25,000. You will also need to consider installation costs, which will depend on your location, your existing yard, and the size of the hot tub to be installed. There are ways to have a hot tub on a budget, including choosing a smaller above-ground model or an economically priced inflatable hot tub, which requires minimal site preparation. 

Do hot tubs use a lot of electricity?

Having a hot tub will absolutely increase your electric bill, but not by that much.  Angi reports that above-ground hot tubs use approximately $240 per year in electricity, while in-ground hot tubs use about $360 per year in electricity. That breaks down to just $20 to $30 per month. 

What’s the most affordable type of hot tub?

Low-end inflatable hot tubs are the most affordable choice, and they start at about $400. These hot tubs can be installed on a flat, hard surface, so there’s no need to bring in heavy machinery or pour a concrete foundation pad. While these hot tubs are highly affordable, keep in mind that they are less durable than other models made of solid materials. 

Are hot tubs worth the cost?

Hot tubs can absolutely be worth the investment. Not only do they provide valuable relaxation, they can also offer health benefits like pain relief. 

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