What is the average tip at a restaurant?

Some establishments include a gratuity in the check, so make sure to thoroughly review your total before you add tip to the final amount. In sit-down restaurants, the gratuity for the wait staff should range from 15% to 20% of the pretax bill. 

Should you tip at a fast-casual restaurant with counter service?

Counter service venues, such fast food restaurants or coffee shops, often make tipping optional, unlike at dine-in restaurants. There is often a tip jar next to the cashier, however, you are neither legally or morally obligated to tip.

Why have some restaurants moved away from the tipping model?

In an attempt to change tipping culture, some restaurants are choosing to pay their staff full wages because they believe that servers should not be punished for providing a subpar service. Instead of turning each table into a tiny HR department, they think that the restaurant's management should be the only one to assess and reward server performance.

Should you tip at fast food restaurants?

Tipping for table service is the norm. Fast food servers and other behind-the-counter waiters are not typically given tips because they are essentially cashiers. Customers are neither legally or morally obligated to tip at fast food establishments, although it’s appreciated when they leave a dollar or two in the tip jar. 

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