Are car wash franchises profitable businesses?

Car wash franchises definitely have the potential to be lucrative businesses. Depending on how big your operation is, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. 

What’s included in the car wash franchise fee?

The specifics of what's included in a car wash franchise fee varies from franchise to franchise. However, in general, the franchise fee includes the right to use the franchisor's name, trademarks, logos, and business systems. Additionally, it may cover training, site selection, marketing support, and ongoing operational assistance.

Can I own multiple car wash franchises?

Yes, it is possible to own multiple car wash franchises. Many successful franchisees own multiple locations in order to maximize their profits and expand their business. However, owning multiple franchises may require a larger investment and more resources.


  • International Carwash Association (ICA): This association provides resources and support for car wash owners, including educational opportunities, industry data, and networking events.
  • Franchise Direct: This site provides information on various franchises, including car wash franchises. You can search for opportunities by industry, investment level, and location.
  • Franchise Business Review: You can find independent ratings and reviews of franchisors based on feedback from franchisees. You can also find opportunities.
  • This website provides news, articles, and other resources for car wash operators.
  • SCORE: SCORE provides free mentoring and counseling services for small business owners, including those interested in franchising.
  • This site provides resources and information on franchising, including legal considerations, financing options, and industry trends.

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