What’s the best ERP for a small manufacturing business?

The best ERP for a small manufacturing company is one that helps you meet your company goals, stay compliant with industry standards, and improve operating efficiencies. Aquilong, MRPeasy, and Katana Manufacturing ERP are a few examples of highly-rated ERP software options.

Is Quickbooks a good choice for a small manufacturing business?

Quickbooks can be a good choice for small manufacturing businesses, for inventory control and tracking, order fulfillment, plus overall business management. It remains a popular choice among small- to medium-sized manufacturing businesses.

Can loans be used to purchase software for a small manufacturing business?

Yes, the funds from small business loans can be used to purchase software for a manufacturing business. However, before you count on the funds, make sure you qualify for a small business loan and your manufacturing business is not excluded from the lender’s list of approved businesses.

What’s the best small business software for food manufacturers?

Look for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software specifically tailored to food manufacturers, such as Aquilon or Batchmaster. These food-focused software options specialize in financial management, real-time inventory numbers, recipe management, lot tracking capabilities, and numerous other benefits for small to medium-sized food manufacturers.

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