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How much can you expect to spend on vet bills for your dog each year?

According to some estimates, the average annual vet bill for a dog's vet visit is $1,391. 

How can pet insurance help you cover your dog's vet bills?

There are various pet insurance plans, including comprehensive insurance, accident insurance, and wellness insurance plans. Generally, you pay the cost of your vet bills. You then submit a claim to the pet insurance, including a copy of the vet’s medical records and the invoice. Your pet insurance will look at your claim according to your policy. If the issue your pet experienced is covered, your insurer will reimburse your costs. 

Are there ways to save money on vet bills?

When you select a vet, ask for quotes for standard services, including the cost of a wellness check or routine vaccines.

Try to schedule appointments ahead of time so you can bring several pets in together. Some vets will give discounts for multi-pet visits.

You could invest in pet insurance, helping you cover higher costs you might incur if your dog needs surgery or gets sick. 

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