What does salon business insurance cover?

Salon insurance can cover a variety of items given the nature of the business. Salon insurance may cover equipment, products used, liability from customers, and even worker compensation for employees.

Do hairstylists renting a booth or chair need insurance?

Any person or entity that has customers and has risks associated with creating a liability should look into getting insurance. In this case it's possible the products used on a customer cause harm, the tools used during the appointment cause harm, or even the customer falling in a designated area. 

Does a small home-based salon need to get business insurance?

Any time a customer is involved in your business insurance should be considered. It is possible to create a liability where a homeowner could be personally liable for if no insurance is protecting them. 

How do I find cheap salon business insurance?

Be sure to check prices across competitor insurance providers that get you the correct level of protection for the best price.

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