FAQs About Selling a Small Business

How Much Does Selling a Small Business Cost?

Your small business value price will depend on a number of factors, but in general, you’ll need to pay broker fees, lawyer fees, marketing fees, and any costs needed to make any upgrades. Generally, for a small business, you can expect to pay between $1,000 to $2,500. The price can even get higher, between $2,500 to $10,000.

If you think you might need additional funding to cover the costs of the sale, consider taking out a small business loan.

Can You Sell a Struggling Business?
You absolutely can sell a struggling business, but you likely won’t get the high price you were hoping for. Be prepared to take a serious price cut if you can’t prove that your business is doing well.
Is It Possible to Sell a Small Business Without a Broker?
There’s no rule that you have to use a broker to sell your business, it’s just going to be a LOT easier if you do. A broker specializes in business sales, so they’re the one who is going to help you come up with the perfect price point.
How Do You Sell an Idea for a Small Business?
You can sell intellectual property (aka, a business idea or concept) in much the same way you would a physical business. Anything you have trademarked or copyrighted is considered intellectual property. You’ll want to work with the same group of people to determine how much your idea is worth and come up with a plan to sell.
Can You Sell a Small Business if You Have a Commercial Lease?
If you own a business but lease the space, you and any potential buyers will need to speak with the landlord of the property. They may decide to allow the new owner to continue operating there, but they may also decide not to continue the lease.
How Do You Sell Your Business to a Competitor?
Selling a business to a competitor is like most other business sales, you’ll just want to ensure you understand what will happen to the business once it is sold. For example, say a blog was sold to a competitor. Will they remove your name and absorb it into their own blog , or even shut it down completely to eliminate the competition. Getting these answers can help you decide if selling to a direct competitor is worth it.
Can You Sell Your Business Online?
You can sell your business online on sites like and These online marketplaces may eliminate your need for a business broker, but they can’t always guarantee the same level of success. There is a reason business brokers exist; they know selling a business is more than just putting up an ad on a site.
Is It Possible to Sell a Small Business Quickly?
When it comes to how to sell a small business quickly, you won’t have full control over that. It depends on the current market and the success of your business. Having your paperwork and financials in order and a plan in place ensures the process can move more smoothly and potentially more quickly.
How Do You Sell a Share of Your Business?
If you want to dissolve a partnership or sell your share in a business, you’ll want to consult a lawyer and discuss your plans with the other business owner(s). You can sell your shares to the other owners or discuss selling to an outside partner. You’ll need to look at the terms of your agreement and see what assets belong to you. From there, you’ll come up with a plan to sell these assets.
How Do You Sell a Franchise Business?

Final Word

Selling a small business comes with its challenges and it’s definitely not a short process, but with the right help, you could end up seeing a huge payday, making the process well worth it. If you have a strong business, buyers should flock to you. Just make sure you have everything in order long before you start accepting offers.

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