Can an S Corp Have a Single Owner?
Yes, an S Corp can have a single owner.
Can You Be a Sole Proprietor and an LLC?
You cannot be a sole proprietor and an LLC at the same time. But you can choose to transition from a sole proprietorship into an LLC.
Can Sole Proprietors Become an S Corp?
A sole proprietor cannot become an S Corp without creating an LLC. After creating an LLC, the business owner can choose an S Corp tax status.
Are There Any Famous Companies That Are S Corps?
An S Corp cannot have more than 100 shareholders. With that, most famous companies you see are C corporations, not S Corps. However, many successful small business owners enjoy the tax advantages and liability protections that S Corps have to offer.
How Does a Sole Proprietor Become an S Corp?
The transition from a sole proprietorship to an S corp is not direct. Instead, you’ll need to form an LLC. After the LLC is formed, the business owner can elect an S Corp status.

Final Word

A sole proprietorship is an easier business structure to start. But the tax savings opportunities and liability protection may an S corp an attractive option for many. When choosing an S Corp vs. sole proprietorship, weigh your options carefully. If you want to get the ball rolling now, you might decide to start as a sole proprietor and create an LLC in the future.

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